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Lets Talk About Mensuration and Ovulation

So there are some super lucky women that have 2,3,and 5 day periods. Which am I ? None . I used to envy women with short periods. How awesome is that to have it for 3 days. Less pads to buy. Probably use pantiliners. Less worrying about accidents on clothing. Less bitchyness. Sigh……………I’m probably one of the few that has an amazing f-ing cycle. Firstly it lasts 7 days and after getting an ultrasound and clomid to detect ovulation my doctor concluded that I start to ovulate on day 7. Wtf.  How long are your cycles and when’s your bd day?

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Here’s what my doctor said about Pcos

Apparently I’ve been controlling my Pcos. All Thanks to God. I asked if it’ll ever go away and from the ultrasound he says that after most women have children the Poly’s go away. I was a bit shocked . Good food for thought. I’f that’s the case then bring it on twins , triplets and quadruplets.

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He was checking out my ovaries!

So I was completely dumbfounded about why I should take less clomid and come in for an ultrasound. I’m in the 80s now  more like hundreds but I was told that my eggs are great and that I don’t have to take much clomid. I can’t describe how it felt to see the eggs that were getting ready to release at a perfect size. The shock was that I thought my hubz was submersed in his phone. It turns out he was checking out my eggs. Best Easter ever. But that’s not what warms my heart most. It feels as though we are getting closer to our goals. He gave me a I’m so glad were getting great results. I could’ve jumped out of the car and danced on the hood lol. lNxW6

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Hello Wonderfullies

Its been a while but I’m back. I’ve been taking online classes to try and give a better custom user experience. I’ve also been dwindling in crafts.I have made a few items that most persons will love. I will duplicate them for sale soon. I’m down to 190lbs but my goal is still 135. I’m not giving up. I’ve lost the motivation to exercise but I’m getting back to it? How have all of you been?

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New Projects on the way

So if you’ve read my bio you’ll see that I’m a woman of many talents. I am in the works of publishing my online store which features handmade,handsewn,eco and child friendly items and also trendy fashion and other things. I want to showcase sell and share my items and others with you . There will be giveaways and more.

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Parabens in my lipstick

The colors suited me so nicely. It glides on so well. I read the ingredients to find out why it was so good, castor oil proply paraben and other simple items. I started having second thoughts and turned to google because i remembered that parabens went good. It fucks with your endocrine system and it is absorbed through the skin bloodstream and something else(can increase the bad stuff that can cause cancer and breast cancer. It mimics estrogen. I dont need that especially during my baby making journey. I’m going to either look online to make some homemade non toxic ones this is going to be fun.